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Venturer Scouts

It's your life... Get on with it!

Bored? Feel like doing something with your life? Don’t know where to start? Try Venturer Scouts. It’s a do-it-yourself mix of fun, adventure and personal challenge that will bring you together with other young people who feel the same way.

You may find yourself exploring wilderness Australia, camping with 100 other Venturers or diving on coral reefs. You could be abseiling into a limestone cave or climbing a sheer rock face. Perhaps you’ll learn white water kayaking or ride your mountain bike on an expedition across real mountains.

Whatever your challenge, there will be trained and highly experienced adults to guide you through the experience, to teach you the necessary skills and safety techniques. Venturers get the opportunity to travel overseas and to organized activities, to live with a different community to provide service to others.

Manage your own program: Venturers don’t just develop physical skills. You will manage your own Venturer Unit, where the adult leaders are there to provide advice, not rule your life. The Unit Council makes the decisions, plans and runs the activities, drawing on expert help whenever it is required. You will learn responsibility for the environment and work on service projects, helping other people in the community.

Look Wide: There are leadership and management courses that will help you in your career and personal life, when you have to make all the decisions. You’ll learn how to meet new challenges, deal with new situations, and develop your own independence. Your achievements will be recognised, with the ultimate goal the Queen’s Scout Award, which employers regard very favourably. Venturers really is the pathway to success.

Get a social life: The social side of Venturers is up to you.There will be camps and discos, outings and shared interest so you will meet new people and have plenty of time to get to know them and make lifelong friends. Venturers are serious about having fun.

Venturer Scouts is for young people from 14½ – 18 and you don’t have to have experience in Scouts or Guides first.

BUDERIM VENTURERS meet on Wednesdays 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Venturers have learnt the skills necessary to cook, set up camp and plan their own adventures – and that’s what they do – and at Buderim Venturers they have a great team of friends to go adventuring with. Having a strong friendship group outside of the school environment is a positive healthy thing for young people, it means that they can support each other if they’re having problems with school mates, bullying or issues with self esteem which are so often found amongst teenagers trying to find their way in the world. Self determination is central to the Venturer section – they make their own Constitution, they set the plans and the rules. They decide where to hike and where to camp – and with the worldwide organisation of Venturer Scouts to work with, the world is their oyster.

Scouting helps young people to become young leaders – training courses are held across Queensland to help Venturers develop their leadership and management skills – as well as formal training in Outdoor Recreation, Venturers can achieve certification in Leadership Support and Business that can help boost their chances not just in the workplace but can also boost scores for University applications.

Buderim Venturer Scouts have travelled to camps all over Queensland as well as NSW and in 2016 even ventured to New Zealand for the adventure of a lifetime at New Zealand Venture 2016.

Required Uniform – all available from https://scoutshop.com.au/
• Venturer Shirt – 44.95
• Queensland Scout Scarf - $15.00
• Woggle – Doesn’t matter what type – from $3.95

Buderim Scout Group is within the Beaver Masters Scout District and associated with Scouts Queensland and Scouts Australia.

Where is the Buderim Scout Group located?

Buderim Scouting Group is located in the Heart of Buderim on Lindsay Road next to the Buderim Firestation.